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Ya estáis abriendo un post con vuestro nombre y la lista de cartas que buscáis y que tenéis repetidas

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Cambio en inglés

Notapor KapitanKonK » Jue, 21 Jun 2018, 21:48

Hola a todos.
Teniendo ya casi liquidadas las colecciones en castellano, a ver si les voy dando unos empujoncitos al inglés:
Lo que puedo ofrecer
A Short Rest x6
Adamant Helmet x 7
Agburanar Ahut
Agburanar at Home x2
Alert the Folk x3
And Forth He Hastened x 5
Arrows Shorn of Ebony x4
Bairanax Ahunt x2
Bairanax at Home x3
Belegaer x3
Bhur Widu x2
Black Breath x2
Bounty of the Hoard x7
Bow of Dragon-Horn x5
Brand x3
Burglary x4
Carrion Birds x4
Cave Worm x5
Cloudless Day x2
Cram x6
Cruel Caradhras x3
Daelomin at Home
Daelomin Ahunt x4
Deftness of Agility
Dire Wolves x7
Dragon Feud x4
Dragon Lore x4
Dragon's Blood x7
Dragon's Breath x3
Dragon's Curse x2
Dragon's Hunger
Dragon's Terror x3
Dragon-Sickness x6
Dunlending Raiders x3
Dwarwen Hoard x7
Earcaraxe Ahunt x4
Earcaraxe at Home x4
Echo of All Join x2
Elf-Path x7
Emerald of Doriath x2
Enturned Shield x3
Fast Asleep x5
Fever of Unrest x5
Flatter a Foe x4
Foolish Words x5
Forod x4
Framsburg x2
Frenzy of Madness x2
From the Pits of Angbad x3
Galdor x5
Gift of Comprenhension x3
Gold Belt of Lorien x3
Gold Hill x2
Gondamaleglon x3
Half an Eye Open x2
Harad x3
Here There or Yonder x2
Hey Come Merry Dol x6
Hobgoblins x5
Host of Bats x4
Houses of Healing x7
Ice-Drake x4
Icy Touch x7
Incite Denizens x5
Incite Minions x7
Ioreth x3
Isle of the Ulond
Itangast Ahunt x3
Itangast at Home
Land-Drake x7
Left Behind x2
Lesser Spiders x7
Leucaruth Ahunt
Leucaruth ar Home x4
Light-Drake x7
Look more Closely Later x5
Lore of The Ages x7
Magical Hack x2
Many Foes he Fpight x7
Many Turns and Doublings x7
Map to Mithril x2
Marsh Drake x8
Marvels Told x7
Master of Esgaroth x 7
Master of Wood Watter or Hill x7
Men of Dale x2
Men of Lake-Town x3
More Sense Than You x5
Morgul-rats x2
Necklace of Silver and Pearls x 3
Noose of the sea x3
Not At Home x7
Ovir Hollow x2
Parsiimony of Seclusion
Peril Returned x7
Piedge of Conduct x7
Powers of Age
Rain-Drake x7
Refuge x5
Returned Exiles
Rhun x2
Riddling Talk x5
Rumor of Wealth x3
Sand-Drake x2
Satec Beast x2
Scabbad of Chalcedon x7
Scatha Ahunt x2
Scatha at Home x2
Scorba Ahunt x3
Sea Serpent x3
Searcching Eye x7
Secret News x6
Sleepless Malice x5
Smaug Ahunt x3
Star of High Hope x5
Stormcrow x7
Tales of The Hunt x7
Tharba x3
The Riddle Games x3
Thinder's Companion x7
Thor's Map x4
Three Golden Hairs x4
Times Are Evil x3
Tricker x7
True Cold-Drake x3
True Fire-Drake x4
Twice-baked Cakes x2
Valiant Sword x7
Vanish in Sunlight x3
Warm Now Be Heart and Limb x7
Washed And Refreshed x6
Waybread x2
When I Know Anything x6
Wielded Twice x7
Wild Fell Beast
Winds of Wrath x2
Winged Cols-Dake
Winged Fire-Drake x2
Wit x4
Withered Lands x3
Wizard Uncloaked x3
Wizard's Staff x3
Wolf-Ridders x 3
Worm's Stench x3
Worn and Famished x2
Wuondros Maps
Zarak Dum x3
A Nice Place to Hide CB+CS1
Ambusher CB+CS1
Awaken Defenders CB+CS1 x2
Awaken Denizens CB+CS1
Back to the Fray U x2
Bag End U
Balchoth R x2
Barad-dûr F5 x2
Black Mace U x2
Black-hide Shield CB+CS1 x2
Blazon of the Eye CB+CS1 x2
Bold Thrust CB+CS1 x2
Carn Dûm CB+F5
Cave-drake CB+CS1
Caves of Ûlund F2
Cirith Gorgor U
Cirith Ungol U
Come By Night Upon Them R
Dale F2
Dead Marshes U
Despair of the Heart CB+CS1 x2
Dol Guldur CB+F5
Dwarven Ring of Dwálin's Tribe R
Elves Upon Errantry CB+CS2
Ettenmoors F5 x2
Fell Rider CB+CS1
Foolish Words CB+CS2 x2
Geann a-Lisch CB+F5
Gleaming Gold Ring CB+CS1 x2
Gondorian Rangers CB+CS2
Greed CB+CS2 x2
Hidden Ways CB+CS1
Hoarmûrath the Ringwraith F1
Horse-lords CB+CS1
Horseman in the Night CB+CS1
I'll Report You CB+CS1
Indûr the Ringwraith F1 x2
Last Child of Ungoliant R
Lawless Men CB+CS2
Lieutenant of Angmar R
Long Winter CB+CS1
Lost in Free-domains CB+CS1
Lost in Wilderness CB+CS1
Lure of Expedience CB+CS1
Magic Ring of Fury U+F1 x2
Magic Ring of Lies U+F1
Marsh-drake CB+CS1
Minas Morgul CB+F5
Minas Tirith F3 x2
Minor Ring CB+CS1 x3
Moria F2 x2
Muster Disperses CB+CS1
Old Cache CB+CS1 x2
Orc Captain U+F1
Orc Chieftain U+F1
Orc Quarrels CB+CS1
Orc Stealth U
Orc Tracker CB+F5 x2
Orc Veteran CB+F5
Orc-liquor CB+CS1
Orcs of Moria F1
Plague R
Ready to His Will R
River CB+CS1
Rumor of the One R x2
Saw-toothed Blade CB+CS1 x2
Scroll of Isildur U
Seize Prisoners CB+CS1
Sellswords Between Charters CB+CS2
So You've Come Back U
Sons of Kings CB+CS2 x3
Southron Oasis F1
Stabbed Him in His Sleep CB+CS1
Stench of Mordor U
Stinker U
Sudden Call CB+F5 x2
Test of Fire CB+CS1
That Ain't No Secret CB+CS1
The Iron Crown R
The Least of Gold Rings CB+F5 x2
The Lonely Mountain F2
The Witch-king F2 x4
The Worthy Hills R x2
Thing Stolen U
Thranduil's Halls F2
Thunder's Companion CB+CS1 x2
Tidings of Bold Spies CB+CS2
Troll Lout CB+CS1
Troll-chief U+F1
Twilight CB+CS1 x2
Under his Blow CB+CS1 x3
Ungol-Orcs U
Ûvatha the Ringwraith F1
Vale of Erech F3 x2
Veils of Shadow R
Wake of War CB+CS1
War-warg CB+CS1
While the Yellow Face Sleeps R
Above the Abyss
Alatar the Hunter x2
Alliance of Free Peoples
Alone and Unadvised x4
Ancient Black Axe
Bitter and Beater
Black Horse x3
Black Numeroneans
Bow of the Galadhrim x2
Corsairs of Rhun
Dark Tryst
Driven as by Madness
Drughu x3
Durin's Folk x3
Dwarven Ring of Thrar's Tribe
Dwarven Travelers x2
Enchanted Stream x4
Eye Never Sleeping x3
Far Bellow the Deepes Delvings x3
Fealty Under Trial x3
Fear Fire Foes x3
Full of Froth and Rage x2
Galadhrim x3
Gean a.lisch x2
Glamor of Surpassing Excelencex3
Goblin Earth-Pu,b x2
Great Bats x6
Haradrim x3
Helm of Fear
Himring x3
Hoard Well-Searched
Hold Rebuilt and Repaired
Iron Shield of Old x3
Jewel of Beleriand x3
Join with that Power x3
Legendary Stair x2
Lord of the Carrock
Lord of the Haven x2
No stranger at this Time x3
Old Treasure x3
Orders from Lugburz
Padding Feet
Power Against the Shadow x3
Power Built by Waiting x4
Powers Too Dark and Terrible
Raider-Hold x2
Records Unread
Regiment of Black Crows
Returned Beyond All Hope x2
Ride Against the Enemy
Sack Over the Head x2
Safe from the Shadows
Secret Book x2
Short Legs Are Slow
Slip Treacherously x3
Steward's Guard x3
Stout Men of Gondor x3
Summons From Long Sleep x2
The Ash Mountains Deeps x3
The Balrog
The Iron-Deeps
The Misty Mountain Deeps x2
The Mountains of Shadow Deeps x2
The Sun Unveiled x4
The Tormented Earth x2
The Under Courts x2
The Under.Leas x2
The UnderCrottos
The Under-Gates x2
The Under-Roads
The Undeeps of Anduin
The White Mountains Cavern-ways x3
The Worthy Hills
Tokens to Show x3
Tower Raided
Treason the Greatest
Tribute Garnered x3
Trolls From the Mountains x3
Troubles in All Birders x2
Turning Hope to Despair x3
Ursiev of Treachery x3
Weathertop x3
Wellinghall x2
A Strident Spawn x2
A Merried World
A Panoply of Wings x2
Bad Company
Beasts of The Wood x2
Blasting Fire x2
Blind to the West x3
Bow of Alatar
Chambers in the Royal Courts
Counterfeit x2
Crept Along Cleverly x2
Cruel Clawn Perceived
Deep Mines x3
Delver's Harvest x2
Double-Dealing x2
Echoes of The Song x2
Floisam and Jetsam
Fortress of the Towers
Grey Embassy
Heart Grown Cold x3
Hidden Haven x2
Huntsman's Garb x2
Ill-Favoured Fellow
In The Grip of Ambition
Ire of the East x4
Join the Hunt
legacy of Smiths x2
Longing for the West
Lugdush x2
Man of Skill
Master of Shapes
Mechanical Bow x3
Mischief in a Mean Way
Noble Steed x2
Open to the Summons
Pallando x3
Pallando's Aprentice
Pallando's Hood
Piercing All Shadows
Plotting Ruin x2
Pocketed Robes
Radagast x5
Radagast's Black Bird x2
Rhosgobel x2
Saruman x5
Satuman¡s Machiner
Shamuful Deeds
Shifter of Hues
Sly Southerner x3
Spells Born of Discord
Squint-Eye Brute x3
Squire of The Hunt x2
The Forge Master x2
The Great Hunt x2
The White Council
The White Towers x4
Thrall of the Voice x2
Triths of Doom
Whole Villages Roused x2
Wild Horses

Lo que busco:
Set completo o casi
A Malady Without Healing R
Akhôrahil Unleashed R
Amon Hen U
Bade to Rule CB+CS1
Bandit Lair U
Belegorn U
Beorn's House U
Binding-ring R
Black Rain R
Blackbole R
Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold R
Broad-headed Spear CB+CS1
Calendal R
Cameth Brin U
Catch an Elusive Scent U
Chill Them with Fear R
Ciryaher U
Covetous Thoughts U
Crack in the Wall U
Deeper Shadow U
Dimrill Dale U
Diversion CB
Dol Amroth R
Dorelas U
Down Down to Goblin-town U
Drúadan Forest U
Dunharrow U
Dunlending Spy U
Dunnish Clan-hold U
Dwar Unleashed R
Dwarven Ring of Barin's Tribe R
Elf-lord Revealed in Wrath R
Ent in Search of the Entwives U
Focus Palantír U
Foul Trophies R
Ghosts CB+CS1
Ghouls CB+CS2
Gobel Mírlond U
Gold Chains in the Wind R
Gulla R
Hador U
Hendolen R
Henneth Annûn U
Hermit's Hill U
High Helm U
Hoarmûrath Unleashed R
Ice-orcs R
I'll Be At Your Heels CB+CS1
Iron Hill Dwarf-hold R
Iron Road U
Khamûl Unleashed R
Lake-town U
Land-drake CB+CS1
Landroval R
Leg It Double Quick R
Lond Galen U
Lure of the Senses CB+CS1
Magic Ring of Shadows U
Magic Ring of Weals U
Messenger of Mordor R
Minions Stir U
Misty Mountain Wargs U
Mount Doom U
Náin R
News Must Get Through CB+CS1
News of Doom R
Nothing to Eat or Drink CB+CS1
Nûrniag Camp U
Old Prejudice R
Old Troll U
Orc Brawler CB+CS1
Orc-mounts R
Orcs of Gorgoroth U
Orcs of the Ash Mountains U
Orc-watch CB+CS1
Palantír of Amon Sûl R
Palantír of Elostirion R
Palantír of Minas Tirith U
Palantír of Orthanc U
Pirates R
Plague of Wights U
Poison R
Poisonous Despair U
Raider-hold U
Rats! U
Red Book of Westmarch U
Sable Shield U
Scorba Roused R
Secrets of their Forging U
Shut Yer Mouth U
Skies of Fire CB
Smart and Secret CB+CS1
Smaug Roused R
Smoke on the Wind R
Some Secret Art of Flame R
Something Has Slipped R
Spying out the Land R
Stay Her Appetite R
Strange Rations CB+CS1
Swag U
Swift Strokes U
Tarcil R
The Lidless Eye R
The Names Among Them CB+CS1
The Oracle's Ring R
The Reviled Ring R
The Ring Leaves Its Mark CB
The Roving Eye R
The Stones R
The Warding Ring R
The Warg-king R
The Water's Tithe U
The White Towers U
They Ride Together R
Threats R
Thrice Outnumbered U
Tiding of Death R
Trifling Ring CB+CS1
Tros Hesnef U
Ufthak R
Ulkaur the Tongueless R
Umbarean Corsairs U
Urlurtsu Nurn R
Uruk-hai R
Ûvatha Unleashed R
Voices of Malice CB
Waiting Shadow R
Wargs of the Forochel R
War-wolf CB+CS1
Watcher in the Water U
We Have Come to Kill R
Weariness of the Heart CB+CS1
Webs of Fear and Treachery R
Weigh All Things to a Nicety CB
Where There's a Whip R
White Mountain Wolves R
Wild Trolls CB+CS1
Wisdom to Wield U
Words of Menace and Deceit R
Woses of the Eryn Vorn R
Wrath of the West U
Angmarim R2
Creature of and Older World R2
Eärcaraxë Roused R1
Hail of Darts R2
Haradrim R2
Isles of the Dead that Live U2
Itangast Roused R1
Lórien R2
Morgul-orcs R2
Near to Hear a Whisper R2
Necklace of Girion R2
Perchen U2
Pilfer Anything Unwatched U1
Rhosgobel R2
Rivendell R2
Saruman the Wise R2
Spies Feared R2
The Great Eye R2
Thong of Fire R2
Thrór's Map U2
Wain-easterlings U2
Wûluag U2
Cast from the Order R2
Doeth (Durthak) R2
Earth-eater R3
Euog (Ulzog) R2
Foul Tooth Unsheated C3
Give Welcome to the Unexpected R2
Great Ruse U3
Mask Torn R3
Nature's Revenge R3
Oromë's Warders R2
Power Relinquished to Artifice R3
Prophet of Doom R2
Ring of Fire R2
Rolled down to the Sea R2
Stave of Pallando R2
The Fortress of Isen U3
Wizard's Myrmidon
Wizard's Trove
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