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CardGameGeek - New website for MECCG

Notapor CardGameGeek » Dom, 21 Ene 2018, 15:29

Hello everyone,

First of all a note for the CoR: If you feel this is not related and think it's just shameless advertising (hint: it's only partially the truth :wink: ), feel free to remove the post. I have no intention to aggressively spamming or anything, I just hope this is something useful for the community around here.

I am in the process of developing a website related to the "dead" CCG/TCG world, and I choose to start with MECCG along another game.
I am opening this just to CoE, CoR and a small Facebook group I use to visit. It's in it's early stage, so Bug and UX issues are bound to be found, but that's what I am looking, feedback, a lot of them :)

From the card pricing, the DB, deckbuilding and everything in between.

In this article you can read more about the reasons behind this project and the future of it, not to mention the many ways in which you can help me.

Let me add that, if anyone have the will and the time to write articles about MECCG, Guides, Deckbuilding tips, Let's Play/Unboxing videos, News about tourney or whatever, I am more than happy to host their work on my website and we can talk how we can help each other, just shoot me a PM.

Here's the link to the main site and a direct link to the MECCG part of it.

Hope you guys will find it a good starting point, let me know your thoughts.

Sorry if I write here in English but I do not speak Spanish, yet I think this is a good place to share.

Thanks for your time!
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Registrado: Dom, 21 Ene 2018, 15:23

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