This is a tight little deck that sticks to a few Rivendell-local regions for maximum draw number and speed.  It can score lots of points quickly, but has a kinda low max MP total.


Strider / Elfstone
Elrohir / Cram

In Deck:

3 Radagast
1 Elladan
1 Gildor Inglorien
1 Beretar
1 Faramir
1 Gloin
1 Balin


3 A Chance Meeting
3 Dragon’s Hunger
2 Forewarned is Forearmed
3 Risky Blow
2 Hundreds of Butterflies
3 A Short Rest
2 Muster
2 Marvels Told

1 Rangers of the North
1 Elves of Lindon
1 Lossoth
1 Blue Mountain Dwarves

3 Noble Hound
1 Tom Bombadil

1 Glamdring
1 Durin’s Axe

Key Sideboard Cards:

1 Lobelia Sackville-Baggins
1 Bill the Pony
1 Alliance of Free Peoples
1 Marvels Told
1 Palantir of Elostirion
1 Align Palantir

Play Tips:

Just keep to the Eriador regions.  Use somewhere other than Barrow Downs for your first major item, as that’s tom’s main area and you don’t want to waste it.  Radagast / Short Rest should make drawing your resources a snap.  Split up the main company as soon as you ACM for a 4-minder under either strider or Cirdan (intimidate by putting Elrohir under Cirdan to begin with….).  With hl 2 those dragon’s hungers will really come in handy vs drakes.  Forewarned / Risky Blow guarantees either 0 assassins or 2 MPs.  And what’s more, there’s only 6 rares in the whole deck (7 if you count strider)!

MP Breakdown:

Character: 10
Item: 6
Ally: 6-8
Faction: 10-13
Kill: 0-2
Total: 32-37