Historical reference

Rulings for the Middle-earth: Collectible Card Game fall into two categories now. First are those which cover ambiguous situations, and those rulings take effect immediately. Second are those which reverse previous rulings, introduce new rulings on non-ambiguous situations, and errata. These rulings will not take effect in tournament play for two to four weeks.

Every other Monday, all rulings of the second type, made in the past two weeks, will be announced. Also, with each announcement will come a list of rulings which are effective starting that Monday.


Rulings Effective 10/26/98

  • Windlord Found Me: This resources requires that you tap a character to play it. You may not play it directly to your M.P. pile.

Rulings Effective 10/12/98

  • Padding Feet: Card Erratum: Change the first sentence to read: “…at the same site as an opponent’s Hobbit”

Rulings Effective 4/20/98

  • Deep Mines, Card Erratum: Add “Cannot be duplicated on a given Wizardhaven.”
  • Reluctant Final Parting, Card Erratum: Add “Determine nearest Haven using site cards of the same alignment (minion/hero) as the ally.”

Rulings Effective 2/9/98

  • Open to the Summons, Card Erratum: Change “Playable on a minion company” to “Playable on a company.”

Rulings Effective 1/26/98

  • The MEWH hand rules need errata. They should read that “a Fallen-wizard must not use starter movement,” not that they may only use region movement. This means they can use Under-deeps movement, and cards like Belegaer.
  • Forcing a dice roll is consdiered to be having an effect on the game. This means you can play Muster or Weariness of the Heart, even if there is no chance of the card doing anything.

Rulings Effective 12/6/97

  • Agents count as both characters and hazards during the game in a Ringwraith deck.

Rulings Effective 12/1/97

  • No Escape from My Magic, Card Erratum: Change “Playable on any faction in play” to “Playable on any unique faction in play.”
  • Ringwraiths may not move from a non-Darkhaven site to another non- Darkhaven site unless they are using Dwar Unleashed. This means a Ringwraith may not move to Under-deeps sites that do not have a Darkhaven for a surface site.

Rulings Effective 11/17/97

  • Removing the site of origin and resetting to hand size are simultaneous actions, and they are the last actions in any movement/hazard phase. This means a moving company is not at a site until the site phase.
  • Some hazard permanent-events allow you to tap or discard them for an effect, and this does not count against the hazard limit unless specified otherwise on the card.
  • Rules Erratum: Attacks keyed to Darkhavens are detainment.
  • Gates of Morning discards hazard environments when it resolves, even if Peril Returned is in play.
  • Iron Shield of Old: Card Erratum: Add “Shield.”

Rulings Effective 11/3/97

  • If a card leaves active play, including being returned to a player’s hand, it immediately ceases having an effect on play.
  • Stay Her Appetite: Card Erratum: Change “plus two” to “plus five.”