This the current official Collected Rulings File for the Middle-earth: Collectible Card Game. All content from ICE’s last CRF (# 15) is in here and work is currently in progress on including the digests from ICE 579 up to CoE 30. This is a dynamic document: new clarifications made in the digests are included on a regular basis. Once we have worked through the back-log they will be included as soon as the dust has settled on them (about four weeks after publication). Out of respect for ICE’s legacy no new (non trivial) errata will be issued, nor will any rules from ICE’s last CRF be overturned.

All entries made after ICE’s last CRF (CRF 15) are marked. The marks used are:

  • [Van] Current ruling made by Van Norton (ICE’s last NetRep) after CRF 15 was made
  • [CoE] Current ruling made by the CoE NetRep before August 2002
  • [CoE <month>/<year>] Currrent ruling made by the CoE NetRep in the month indicated

Some of these clarifications are considered errata to the rules or cards, and are noted as such. The Turn Sequence and Rulings by Term sections are specifically considered clarifications to the rules, and are therefore overridden by card text that specifically does so. A complete list of errata is included.

The main thing to remember, when making rulings based on the rules and the cards, is that if it isn’t there, then it isn’t there. If a card says a site counts as a Haven for purposes of healing, that does not mean the site counts as a Haven for any other purposes. If a card says it can be played as a resource, that does not mean it counts as a resource at any time except when it is being played. Remember: If it isn’t there, it isn’t there.


Items new or changed in the last two months are marked with a ‘@’. This should make it easy for you to keep your rules knowledge up to date: just search the pages for @’s every month or two and you won’t miss a thing.


Entries marked with a ‘%’ are brand new: they haven’t even been reviewed yet. Every new entry made is the result of a NetRep ruling, made in his rules digest. Filtering the new rulings from the digests and transferring them to the  CRF should be a straightforward process – which is why we dare present them to you straight away. Nevertheless each new entry will be reviewed by the complete NetRep team to ensure quality. Once the entry has passed this review the ‘%’ mark will be removed. Note that a %-entry may be changed without notice as a result of said review – this should rarely happen though, or we’ll stop placing them on-line till after the review.


Tournament rules for MeCCG differ slightly from the rules as printed in the rules booklets. Most people always play by tournament rules. Rulings marked with a ‘#’ only apply to the non-tournament rule set, so you generally need not pay much attention to them.