Starting Companies (2):

Moria: Buthrakaur, Bolg (Binding Ring, Orders from the Great Demon)

The Under-gates: Doeth

Deck Characters:

Umagaur, Azog, Shagrat
The Balrog (3)

Resources (30):

Great Shadow (2) => 1 against Minion
Way All Things to a Nicety (1) => 2 against Minion
Makers Map (3)
Regiment of Black Crows
High Helm
The Warg-king
I’ll Report You
Sable Shield
A few recruits
Orcs of Moria
We Have Come to Kill (3)
Bold Thrust (3)
Voices of Malice (2)
Dark Tryst (3)
Ancient Black Axe
Down Down to Goblin Town (3)

Hazards (30):

Against Hero: Corruption
Against Minion: Undead + Character Tapping

KEY Sideboard Resource Cards:

Hill Troll (3)
Ill-favoured Fellow (3)
Mountain Maggot (2)
Crooked-legged Orc
Sudden Call
Cloaked by Darkness (3)
Darkness Wielded (2)
A Few Recruits
Great Bats
Voices of Malice
Gangways over the Fire
Tempest of Fire