Note: The text on this page is extracted from the MEAS Insert and has no modifications.


Placement of cards «off to the side» (Clarification)

Certain cards and effects require other cards to be place «off to the side» (e.g., Sack Over the Head). Cards placed off to the side are placed on the playing surface off to the side of the normal area of play. Such cards are kept with their host-permanent event that caused this effect. Any card off to the side absolutely cannot be targeted or otherwise affected by the game except by cards that specifically affect cards «off the side.»
Cards placed off to the side are in play for the purposes of uniqueness. Unless stated otherwise, when a host permanent-event is removed from the playing surface, any cards placed off to the side under it are discarded. Usually the host card will state some mechanic that affects the cards placed off to the side with it. Unless stated otherwise on its host card, a card placed off to the side will give its marchalling points to its owner.


Certain item are hoard items. Such an item may only be played at a site that contains a hoard. Each site with a dragon automatic-attack (i.e., each Dragon’s lair) contains a hoard. A hoard minor item may not be included with a starting company, and may not be played at a site that does not contain a hoard.

Example: You can not play a hoard minor item at Mount Gram after successfully influencing the Orcs of Angmar like you can do with a normal minor item. Mount Gram does not contain a hoard.


Normally, a company moving with region movement may lay down a maximum of four region cards. If a company moving with region movement is using effects that allow additional region cards to be laid down, no more that six regions may be used.


Certain effect allow a character to be assigned more than one strike from a given attack. Such a character must face a strike sequence for each strike he is assigned to face. If a character is tapped or wounded following one of these strike sequences, he must then accordingly modify his prowess for any following strike sequences. If a character is eliminated or otherwise removed from the game before he has faced all of his assigned strikes, those strikes he has yet to face are then considered canceled (i.e., they have no further effect).


Any hazard creature you play as an automatic-attack is discarded if defeated—it is not placed in your opponent’s marshalling point pile.


Note: Created by streams of molten rock and expanded by geothermal eruptions of super-hot gas, the Under-deeps are a result of a combination of natural and supernatural forces. The hand of Morgoth joined what was once a collection of countless, sundered cavern complexes. His greater servants used this maze of tunnels and chambers to travel surreptitiously throughout Endor.Although Endor changed during the Elder Days, the core of the Under-deeps survive. Though travel between the underground sites is now difficult, if not impossible, for all but the greatest (and luckiest) explorers. Blocked or twisting away from their original course, the Under-deeps seem broken. Junctions and strongholds seem lost. Many appear as simple caves or side passages, no longer resembling their past grandeur. Others lie hidden behind veils of rock. Nearly all are still there,
though, awaiting discovery-as is their creator.

An Under-deeps site card has «Under-deeps» in the section that normally gives a site’s region, and its name contains «…-deeps» or «Under-…»
An Under-deeps site is just like any other site with the following exceptions:

  • Unlike other sites, each Under-deeps site is not considered to be in a region-instead it is located below another site, called the Under-deeps site’s surface site.
  • Instead of a nearest Haven, each Under-deeps site lists all of its «Adjacent Sites.» Each Under-deeps site is adjacent to its one surface site and a number of other Under-deeps sites. The first adjacent site listed is always the Under-deeps site’s surface site.
  • Eagle-mounts and Gwaihir cannot be used to move to or from an Under-deeps site.
  • A company moving to and/or from an Under-deeps site has no site path. So, hazards may only be played keyed to the company’s new site.
  • An environment card that changes site type (e.g.,Choking Shadows, {\it Quiet Lands}, etc.) cannot be used to change the site type of an Under-deeps site.
  • You may not consider marshalling points associated with a company at an Under-deeps site for the purposes of calling the Free Council or the Audience with Sauron.
  • Normally, when you successfully play an item, faction, ally, or information at a site, the site card is tapped and one additional character may tap to play a minor item. At an Under-deeps site, you can play any item playable at the site instead of this minor item.

Example: Asternak taps and plays High Helm (a major item) at The Under-grottos and the site taps. At this point, Dorelas could only tap to play a minor item at a non-Under-deeps site. But The Under-grottos is an Under-deeps site, so Dorelas can tap to play anything playable at The Under-grottos: a minor item, a major item, or a gold ring. He taps and plays a Gold Ring That Sauron Fancies.}

Under-deep Site Movement

One of your companies that begins its turn at the surface site of an Under-deeps site can move normally or it can move to its adjacent Under-deeps site (i.e., the company moves to an Under-deeps site from its surface site). One of your companies that begins its turn at an Under-deeps site may only move to one of the adjacent sites listed on the Under-deeps site card.
Each adjacent site is followed by a number in parentheses-this number indicates how difficult it is to move from the Under-deeps site to the adjacent site. When an adjacent site is revealed by one of your companies whose site of origin is an Under-deeps site, you must make a roll (2D6). If the result is greater than or equal to the number in parentheses following the adjacent site as listed on its site of origin, the movement/hazard phase proceeds normally. Otherwise, the company returns to its site of origin (no cards are drawn)and the movement/hazard phase proceeds as if the company had not moved.

Note: A company moving from a surface site to its Under-deeps site does not need to make a roll.

Example: A minion company that starts at Carn Dum can move normally or it can move to The Iron-deeps — The Iron-deeps lists Carn Dum as an adjacent site. Similarly, a minion company that starts at The Iron-deeps may attempt to move to any adjacent site listed: Carn Dum (0), The Under-leas (5), or The Under-vaults (6). However, after committing to movement, the moving player must roll a 5 or better to successfully move to The Under-leas or a 6 or better to successfully move to The Under-vaults.