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Published 20 feb 2024

This is version 19 of the collected clarifications to the rules for the Middle-earth: Collectible Card Game. The goal of this document is to help players find quick answers to the many questions that can arise during a game. As such, the philosophy of the current Rules Committee is that it is better to have more clarifications than less, even if some of them will look obvious to some experienced players. Back in the day, when the internet wasn’t so developed and tournament organizers had to bring a printed version of the CRF to every tournament, it made sense to have a document that was as short as possible, hence not including the clarifications that didn’t really need clarification by reading the rules or reading the card’s text carefully. However, nowadays anyone can use CTRL + F, so expect the following versions of this document to be more generous with clarifications in the future.

Some of these clarifications are considered errata to the rules or cards, and are noted as such. The Turn Sequence and Rulings by Term sections are specifically considered clarifications to the rules, and are therefore overridden by card text that specifically does so.

This version of the CRF includes:

  • Rulings that have been made by the present RC, with helpful contributions from the community.
  • Rulings that were included in ICE Netrep’s digests, but were not included in the CRF.



Items marked with a “@” are new or changed since the last version. All these new changes are based on the rulings published in CoE Rulings Digest #202 and #203.


All entries made after ICE’s last CRF (CRF 15) are marked. The marks used are:

  • [ICE] or [Ruled by ICE, added by CoE (year)] Ruling from ICE, implemented later by the CoE
  • [Van 1999] Ruling made by Van Norton (ICE’s last NetRep) after CRF 15
  • [CoE 2002] Ruling made by the CoE NetRep before August 2002
  • [CoE IE 2012] CoE Issued Errata voted by the community in 2012
  • [CoE IE 2018] CoE Issued Errata as a result of Anual Rules Vote in 2018
  • [CoE (year)] CoE ruling
  • [Ruled by CoE (year), added by CoE (year)] Ruling made by a former CoE NetRep, implemented later by the CoE