Editor’s note: The CRF 15 is not officially available on the internet. This website uses the version of CRF 14 with the changes of CRF 15 that are officially available. This version was the last one that ICE released.

Historical backup


This is version 15 of the collected clarifications to the rules for the Middle- earth: Collectible Card Game, up to May 29, 1999; including up to digest 578 of the mailing list. Some of these clarifications are considered errata to the rules or cards, and are noted as such. The Turn Sequence and Rulings by Term sections are specifically considered clarifications to the rules, and are therefore overridden by card text that specifically does so. A complete list of errata is included. There will be periodic updates to this file, and items marked with a “@” are new or changed since the last version.

New rulings that clarify ambiguous situtations take effect immediately. Reversals of old rulings, changes to the rules, and new rulings not covering ambiguous situations will not have an effect on tournament play until two to four weeks after they are made. Every other Monday, starting November 3, 1997, will be a Rulings Monday. On a Rulings Monday, delayed rulings that have been made will be announced on the internet, and rulings that were announced on the previous Rulings Monday will take effect.

The main thing to remember, when making rulings based on the rules and the cards, is that if it isn’t there, then it isn’t there. If a card says a site counts as a Haven for purposes of healing, that does not mean the site counts as a Haven for any other purposes. If a card says it can be played as a resource, that does not mean it counts as a resource at any time except when it is being played. Remember: If it isn’t there, it isn’t there.

Tournament rules for MECCG differ slightly from the rules for casual play. Rulings marked with a “#” differ from those in tournament play. When playing in a tournament, be sure to check the Tournament Rulings section.

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